Ebenezer is the first Wells Scholar from William Wirt High School, where he was valedictorian and president of the senior class. He was also president of band, band council, and the Pathways to College chapter. A versatile musician who has performed in his church and school, he plays tenor and baritone saxophone, bass and contrabass clarinet, piano, tuba, and bass guitar and has won 11 Gold medals in state music competitions.

His leadership experiences in school have shown him that not everyone learns or understands in the same way, a lesson he has used in teaching music to children. The effect of what may seem a small thing may not be immediately evident, he notes, but it will be long-lasting. Ebenezer plans to major in political science, with a minor in music, in preparation for becoming a lawyer who serves the public interest. Ebenezer believes lawyers can serve as prosecutors of the unjust, guardians of the innocent, and the voices of the voiceless.

He has adopted as his mantra the response of a teacher who was asked how his day had gone: “I’m better than yesterday, and worse than tomorrow.” Ebenezer wants to understand how governments and politics work so he can make the world better than yesterday.

He will hold an Urcel I. Daniel Scholarship in the Wells Scholars Program.