Never were the university's responsibilities for the development of character of greater significance than at the present hour.

Herman B Wells - First Inaugural Address

The Wells Scholars Program, created in honor of the late IU Chancellor Herman B Wells, ranks among the most competitive and prestigious awards offered by any American university.

On his 90th birthday, Chancellor Wells was officially presented with the prestigious scholarship program as a gift from his many friends and admirers. Since his death in the spring of 2000, this community of talented and dedicated young scholars has remained a permanent legacy of his educational vision. The Wells Scholars Program is grateful to its alumni, friends, and admirers for their continued support, which ensures that the traditions founded by the first Scholars carry forward far into the future.

Wells Scholars have gone on to win innumerable national and international scholarships, fellowships, and grants, such as the Rhodes, Truman, Marshall, Soros, Mitchell, Churchill, Gates Cambridge, Fulbright, and Goldwater awards. Current students and alumni of the program are devoted to fostering a lifelong community of individuals with broad interests beyond scholarship.

The Wells Scholars Program wishes to acknowledge and honor the Indigenous communities native to this region, and recognizes that Indiana University was built on Indigenous homelands and resources. We recognize the Miami, Delaware, Potawatomi, and Shawnee people as past, present, and future caretakers of this land. Visit IU's First Nations Educational & Cultural Center site to find out more, including resources to learn about Native communities and ways you can support them.

Our program in action

Emily shares her journey as a Jacobs School of Music student. Hours and hours of practicing violin all for the purpose of making it somewhere big in Switzerland. She is beyond appreciative to be at this university, and we are happy to have her! 

Description of the video:

no matter where I am if I'm with the
violin it's like I'm with home the
violins been my companion since I was 11
years old every day in my life
for most of the day it's good to be back
and especially for me I miss my teacher
too much Australia is very isolated and
so in the in the musical world this
makes things a little bit difficult and
the best music schools really in Europe
and in North America so I really wanted
to go and study abroad probably since I
was about 12 and then it was a matter of
deciding where to go thankfully I had
support from Westeros trailing
government and a couple of other
foundations who helped me go and travel
and and find places and find teachers
but I I had seen places and sort of like
them but I hadn't had something where I
thought I have to go there
but then I didn't think I would be able
to afford to come here because it's
incredibly expensive out-of-state
tuition but then also the cost of moving
overseas and uprooting everything that
was when the wells scholarship came in
and I'm so grateful for their support so
me coming here has sort of been a
succession of miracles really in that
way my family were really thrilled
somehow we managed to make it work
sometimes people do say to me oh why did
you choose Bloomington and not London or
but it's it's been wonderful here and I
there's nowhere else were I'd rather be
at the moment
this semester has been really wonderful
and really exciting for me because we've
been preparing for international
competitions foiling competitions and so
it's been a lot of hard work you
basically you send a tape and if you
they select about a dozen people to go
and compete it's through this that you
would get enough artistic exposure to
make some kind of career if you sort of
start building them up actually I had
got in touch with the head of the
recording studio and she said yeah we'd
be happy to to record you trying to do
just two mics no spotlights it's the
most important thing with apologies the
pianist is the violin in this after all
it is the violin concerto the problem is
because you have to send in a complete
take it can be a little frustrating if
something goes wrong oh no I have to do
it all over again
so that was almost four hours solid of
playing with that break of lunch in the
middle but it was a it was a really good
thing to do the facility is fantastic
I've learnt so much from it
and I've just sent my first audition
tape away so we'll see what the results
are and you know if I get into one of
them you get to go to somewhere like
Switzerland which would be really nice
somehow that music started taking over
my life I don't quite know how it
happened there was one key moment for me
must have been about nine years old when
I heard the Max Brooks first violin
concerto for the first time and before
then I had always been a sort of
reluctant practice I then when I heard
this piece of music and it was so
beautiful and this is like a wriggling
nine year old who's been dragged along
to a concert and who doesn't want to be
there at you know 8 p.m. at night I was
I remember being transfixed and I
remember thinking at the end I have to
play this one day it's the feeling of of
playing with an orchestra behind you
it's like when I walk on stage and you
see it lay there a really bright light
so you can't really see the audience
much but you see them and you think
these people are here to see me play and
it's very touching really and humbling
as well to be able to share that with
other people and to have them enjoy it
there's nothing like it really nothing
like it in the world
I think like the idea of home for me is
because I've you know spent so much time
away from home for me and it's been
quite a lot of time traveling is not so
much about physical things or material
things but the way I feel in them and
especially for me because when musically
I'm stimulated and I have so many things
to do
musically wonderful things to do that's
what makes it feel at home because I'm
so happy to be here doing this these
sorts of things
and really small things like like that
we're having a tea pot also makes you
feel alone maybe that's my English half
coming out of me
everything's better with a cup of tea

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