Nomination Process

Nomination Process

The Wells Scholars Program uses a nomination rather than an application process for the selection of Scholars. This applies to incoming freshmen and current IU Bloomington undergraduates.

There are three methods through which students can be nominated: by their high school, by the Office of Admissions, or by a faculty member as a current student. These processes are outlined in detail below.

  • High School Nomination Process

    Schools are encouraged to nominate students who have:

    • Shown exceptional qualities of character and leadership
    • Been significantly involved in extracurricular activities
    • Demonstrated a concern for their community
    • Excelled in terms of class rank, grade point average, and performance on standardized tests

    In the past, successful nominees have typically:

    • Ranked in the top 5 percent of their class
    • Compiled a GPA of 3.9 or higher on a 4.0 scale
    • Scored 1400 or higher on the combined SAT Critical Reading and Mathematics tests, or 32 (composite) or higher on the ACT
    • Shown a pattern of serious commitment to one or more activities outside of class

    To find out if a high school is on the list of eligible high schools, check with a guidance counselor at the school. Wells program staff can also answer inquiries at (812) 855-9491 or by email at if a guidance counselor is not available.

    A timeline of the important dates and deadlines for this process is available on the High School Nominations Deadlines page.

  • Office of Admissions Nomination Process

    The IU Bloomington Office of Admissions may consider students with an outstanding record of accomplishment who are home schooled or who attend a high school that is not eligible to nominate candidates for the Wells Scholars Program. (The Office of Admissions is not able to nominate students who attend, or have graduated from, high schools that are eligible to nominate candidates.)

    Outstanding high school seniors who seek admission to IU Bloomington for Fall 2018 who are eligible for admission to the Hutton Honors College and who would like to be considered for the Wells Scholars Program should send an email message to and include the following information in their message:

    1. The student's first and last name
    2. The student's email address
    3. The email address of the student's counselor
    4. The name and phone number of the student's school

    Once we have received the information given above, the student will receive a reply with instructions on how to proceed. Nominations must include all of the required materials and be received by the Office of Admissions via electronic submission on or before Sunday, October 15, 2017. It is strongly recommended that you begin several days before the deadline to give your materials time to make it through the entire process. If you have any questions, contact Cindy Wise at or (812) 855-9845.

  • Nomination Process for Current IUB Students

    Each spring, the Wells Scholars Program anticipates awarding scholarships to one or two sophomores or juniors who are already enrolled at IU Bloomington. To be considered for an internal Wells Scholarship, a student must be nominated by an IU Bloomington faculty member and must have completed, at the time of the nomination, at least three semesters of course work as a full-time student on the Bloomington campus. (Please note that the Wells Scholarship cannot be used for support beyond the fourth year of undergraduate study.)

    The scholarship is based on merit, without regard to financial need. A nominee is expected to be among the top one percent of students at the university in terms of intellectual ability and scholarly performance. The selection committee will also look for evidence of exceptional additional accomplishments or qualities as indicated by extracurricular activities, community service, research, or outstanding talent in some specific field.

    A timeline of the important dates and deadlines for this process is available on the Current IU Bloomington Student Nominations Deadlines page.