How to Misplace Wallets, Watches, Phones, Pens, Backpacks, and Automobiles: The Robert Greene Story. This is how Rob imagines his IU career might unfold. But not to worry! Rob is actually more organized than is evident to casual inspection. Rob is the second Scholar from Canterbury School. Hoosiers might recognize him from various local festivals and fairs where he performs with his band, Secret Mezzanine. As founding member, lead guitarist, composer, and sound engineer for the band, Rob is a self-taught expert in a variety of film and audio recording technologies, including iMovie, Audacity, and Logic Pro X, thus somewhat fulfilling his childhood desire to become a film editor. Present-day Rob dreams of traveling to New Zealand, inspired by the beautiful scenery from the Lord of the Rings movies, so it comes as no surprise that his “happy place” is anywhere outside in the woods. Rob plans to major in biology at IU. When not in school, in the studio, or in nature, Rob is often found cooking a mean shrimp scampi or watching old science-fiction shows like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. He would like to thank his parents for always encouraging him, and his dog for always being there for him.

Rob will hold the Krannert Charitable Trust and D. Walter Robbins, Jr. scholarships.