To Eat, or Not to Eat? That is the Question. As an award-winning FFA horticulturist, Leeann understands the importance of good food! Besides plants, she also loves to cook and eat mac and cheese. She currently plans to pursue an exploratory major, which will give her plenty of time to study abroad, cultivate friendships, and pursue many other activities here at IU, including Spanish and playing her beloved cello. Leeann is the first Scholar from Wawasee High School. Her “happy place” is at home in Leesburg, IN, but she also still keeps reliving a childhood dream—of one day visiting Narnia. The best advice she’s ever received? Never turn left in a roundabout. Leeann would like to thank Mrs. O’Connor, her school counselor; the staff, faculty, and donors of the Wells Scholars Program; and her incredible family.

Leeann will hold the Arlene Glick Grande and Urcel Daniel scholarships.