Katie, who will major in economics, is excited to join IU as the eleventh Scholar from Wyoming High School in Ohio. She can’t wait to start her studies at this large research institution that both encourages preprofessional programs and strongly supports the humanities, and to meet all the other smart and passionate students. She was recently awarded the Presidential Gold Service Award for completing over 250 service hours in the span of just one year, and foresees many more volunteer experiences in her future. Katie is a devotee of sweeping historical TV dramas such as Downton Abbey, The Last Kingdom, and Medici Masters of Florence. Katie would like to thank her high school teachers for cultivating her curiosity, encouraging her to pursue questions outside of the lesson plan, and teaching her to love learning. She’d also like to thank her parents encouraging her in her quest to become a Wells Scholar.

Katie will hold the Alice Adelle Freese scholarship.