Caroline is the very first Wells Scholar from Columbus Academy in Ohio, and has already distinguished herself at IU by joining the prestigious Ernie Pyle Scholars Program in The Media School. As editor-in-chief of both newspapers at her high school, one of which she founded herself, she has several journalistic awards under her belt, including the Carlile Journalism Award. Her active childhood imagination gave her hopes of one day becoming a mermaid, but her more pragmatic adult mind has settled for visiting Themyscira, the island nation of Amazonian women who raised Wonder Woman. Outside of writing and dreaming of mythological creatures, Caroline enjoys singing in her school choir and participating in the school musicals (and would definitely title her autobiography I Still Miss One Direction: A Memoir). As journalism major, chocolate lover, and mac and cheese connoisseur, Caroline would fit right in at Stars Hollow, the fictional setting of her favorite guilty pleasure TV show, Gilmore Girls. Caroline would like to thank her parents, her sister, and her teachers, especially Ms. Hogan, her high school’s journalism adviser.

Caroline will hold the Alice Adelle Freese scholarship.