2017 Wells Scholars

2017 Wells Scholars

A photo of Wells Scholar Caroline Anders

Caroline is the very first Wells Scholar from Columbus Academy in Ohio, and has already distinguished herself at IU by joining the prestigious Ernie Pyle Scholars Program in the Media School. As editor-in-chief of both newspapers at her high school, one of which she founded herself, she has several journalistic awards under her belt, including the Carlile Journalism Award.

A photo of Wells Scholar Spencer Bures

A veritable quiz whiz, Spencer captained his high school Quiz Bowl team and led them to victory at both state championships this year. As evidenced by these triumphs, Spencer is knowledgeable on and interested in a wide variety of subjects, from the music of Icelandic star Björk to the novels of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.

"It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If we take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale." These words from her favorite TV show, Avatar the Last Airbender, have served as an inspiration to Yiling, who wants to come to IU to major in human biology and to explore her other diverse interests.

A photo of Wells Scholar Sam Epstein

Sam finds extreme exhilaration in sharing the stage with friends, when everyone’s adrenaline runs high and the common focus is on intense, coordinated movement. An accomplished dancer, Sam has already danced with the Boston Ballet, Ballet Academy East, and American Ballet Theatre through various summer residency programs.

A photo of Wells Scholar LeAnn Estrada

As an award-winning FFA horticulturist, Leeann understands the importance of good food! Besides plants, she also loves to cook and eat mac and cheese. She currently plans to pursue an exploratory major, which will give her plenty of time to study abroad, cultivate friendships, and pursue many other activities here at IU, including Spanish and playing her beloved cello.

A photo of Wells Scholar Rob Green

Rob is the second Scholar from Canterbury School. Hoosiers might recognize him from various local festivals and fairs where he performs with his band, Secret Mezzanine. As founding member, lead guitarist, composer, and sound engineer for the band, Rob is a self-taught expert in a variety of film and audio recording technologies, including iMovie, Audacity, and Logic Pro X, thus somewhat fulfilling his childhood desire to become a film editor.

A photo of Wells Scholar Rachel Kalbfell

Rachel is very much looking forward to all the research opportunities that IU offers, as well as the chance to meet and interact with different people from all over the world. She is also proud to continue the family tradition of earning a degree from IU!

Maddy, a junior double-majoring in English with a creative writing concentration and comparative literature, and minoring in French and psychology, is this year’s recipient of the Internal Wells Scholarship. Fully immersed in the literary scene on campus, she is active with the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research, the Indiana Daily Student, and the Victorian Studies journal.

A photo of Wells Scholar Asmaa Mahoul

Asmaa, only the second Scholar to ever come from Eman Schools, will major in biochemistry. She is already steeped deeply in the science community, having represented her school and state at a number of competitions, including INTEL ISEF. Outside of school, she is involved with assorted volunteer organizations, including not only well-known groups such as United Way but also several initiatives that she founded herself.

A photo of Wells Scholar Abby McClain

Abby’s uncle has always coached her to “embrace the terrifying joy of unbearable responsibility,” which she exemplifies as she takes the leap as only the second Scholar to join the Wells Scholars Program from Martinsville High School. She views IU as a gateway to the rest of the world, and is most looking forward to learning new things, meeting diverse and passionate people, and sampling good food both on and off campus!

A photo of Wells Scholar Meena Moorthy

Meena will major in neuroscience and looks forward to studying abroad – again – as she has already spent a summer in Spain through the IU Honors Spanish Immersion Program. An accomplished clarinetist, harmonium player, and vocalist trained in the traditional South Indian Carnatic style, she wishes she could have dinner with Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov and pick his brain about her all-time favorite orchestral piece, Scheherazade.

A photo of Wells Scholar Baker Nasser

A man of many interests, Baker currently plans to major in human biology, and can’t wait to start exploring the other programs, courses, and opportunities that IU has to offer. His diverse interests served him well last year as he led multiple teams to state championships in Academic Super Bowl.

A photo of Wells Scholar Ronak Patel

Ronak is the first Scholar from Palatine High School, and often defends his decision to attend school out-of-state by passionately describing the amazing opportunities students have at IU, including the friendly and diverse student body, the exciting student life, and the prestigious academic programs. He will study finance at IU.

A photo of Wells Scholar Sophia Ren

Currently set to pursue a biochemistry major, Sophia has plans to become a doctor and thus combine her two greatest passions: helping people and helping advance science. As someone who grew up in Bloomington, she already feels at home at IU, but that doesn’t curb her excitement about living on the beautiful campus, joining the diverse student body, or pursuing the number of research opportunities available.

A photo of Wells Scholar Chase Salmon

Chase, the first Scholar from Barr-Reeve Middle/High School, was recently surprised and honored to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award. A Hoosier native and basketball fan, he once envisioned joining the NBA, but now he plans to major in psychology and dreams instead of meeting John Mellencamp in person.

A photo of Wells Scholar Margaret Schabel

Margaret, only the second Scholar from the International School of Indiana, will major in cognitive science, a field that allows her to explore her wide interests and also the connections between art and science. She already eagerly anticipates getting involved in the IU community through student publications, the Collins Arts Council, and undergraduate research – not to mention regularly getting cookies from Baked.

A photo of Wells Scholar Ping Showalter

Over the next four years, Ping is most looking forward to the diverse and exciting opportunities and fascinating people with which IU will provide her the opportunity to engage. As the most recent in a long and venerable line of Scholars from Bloomington High School North, Ping knows well what this town and school can supply, including continuing her volunteer efforts with Habitat for Humanity.

A photo of Wells Scholar Nastya Yakovlyeva

Nastya, the second Scholar from Seymour High School, is excited to attend IU because of the countless activities, resources, and opportunities available for students to customize their college experience to reflect their interests. She will major in biochemistry and can’t wait to start making new friends! She also looks forward to studying abroad, and experiencing the vibrant cultural life of Brazil is on the top of her list.

A photo of Wells Scholar Katie Zackerman

Katie, who will major in economics, is excited to join IU as the eleventh Scholar from Wyoming High School in Ohio. She can’t wait to start her studies at this large research institution that both encourages preprofessional programs and strongly supports the humanities, and to meet all the other smart and passionate students.

A photo of Wells Scholar Tyler Zhang

Tyler was once advised that “luck is what happens when a prepared mind meets opportunity. So go create your own luck, and jump on any opportunities that come your way.” As a result, he continually strives to try things outside of his comfort zone, most recently by overcoming public speaking difficulties and both giving a speech at his high school graduation and performing stand-up comedy at a talent show.