Walker will pursue an ambitious double major in chemistry and music composition and was drawn to IU in part because it excels in both fields, with abundant undergraduate research opportunities and the incredible faculty and resources of the music school. His proudest accomplishments stem from these two interests, including winning the first chair clarinet position in the NAfME National Honor Band and achieving an Honors ranking in the US National Chemistry Olympiad. Accordingly, he wishes he could have dinner with Russian chemist, doctor, and Romantic era composer Alexander Borodin to discuss their shared interests. Outside of academia, he has perfected the Gordon Ramsay method of making scrambled eggs and is a self-proclaimed Kazoo prodigy. He would like to thank his chemistry teacher Mrs. Lapointe, his clarinet instructor Mrs. Romines, and his music composition instructor Dr. Variejo for continuously fostering his interests, answering his numerous questions, and helping him understand concepts with which he struggled. He credits them with developing his knowledge in those fields, as well as his work ethic and ability to persevere. He’d also like to thank his parents. Walker is the second Wells Scholar from West High School and will hold the Class of 1952 scholarship.