Joye, the seventeenth Wells Scholar from Bloomington High School North, is proud to serve as a founding member of Indiana’s first branch of buildOn. Her organization works with villages in Haiti and Malawi to fund the building of primary schools and forge community bonds. She chose IU because of the flexibility it offers for her to pursue research opportunities through her major, biology, as well as explore countless other diverse interests that hopefully eventually will lead her to career in international health with the World Health Organization. She is looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world, and living on this beautiful and exciting campus. She hopes one day to travel to and around Greece to experience the variety in the culture, food, and scenery. As a townie, Joye is already keyed in to local hangouts – you can often find her sailing at the nearby Lake Lemon or baking banana bread at home. Joye would like to thank her parents for always supporting and inspiring her and her teachers for being incredible mentors. She will hold the Henry Hudson Wells scholarship.