Jada is a senior majoring in finance and accounting. She entered the business world after her hopes of being a pediatrician were dashed when she realized that she actually hated blood and needles! Her accomplishments in the Kelley School of Business have set her well on the way to achieving her new dream of breaking the glass ceiling and becoming a female CFO of a Fortune 500 company: she has won five case competitions across the nation, interned with several companies and studied abroad in multiple countries. Jada lives by Michelle Obama’s words “when they go low, you go high,” which remind her to never bow down in the face of adversity but instead persevere towards success. She also abides by advice from a fellow student, “don’t ever self-select yourself,” which has led to some of her fondest memories of achieving more than she ever expected she could. If you ever hear the gospel song “I Need You to Survive” playing, ask her to demonstrate her secret talent – she can sign along in ASL. Jada’s passions include eating gelato, ice cream, and tacos; participating in outdoor activities and water sports; and, of course, traveling. She will hold the William Rhodes #1 scholarship.