Hana, who will pursue a biochemistry major, aspires to be a doctor and chose IU because it is at the forefront of scientific research and discovery. She would consider it an honor to have dinner with Rosalind Franklin, a 20th-century chemist whose discoveries contributed to our current understanding of DNA structure, and discuss the differences between modern and historical research techniques. Ever curious, she would also love to travel in time to the 16th century to witness major breakthroughs at the start of the scientific revolution and to the fictional country of Wakanda to learn more about vibranium. Hana also hopes to visit Antarctica to experience a remote atmosphere that would push her out of her comfort zone. She’s excited to begin forging connections with Wells Scholars and other students in the IU community, but be warned! She’s skilled at doing impressions. Hana would like to thank her parents for their unconditional love and unrelenting support, her brother for his help and hilarity, and her teachers and coaches for creating an environment in which she could thrive. She is the eleventh Scholar from Park Tudor School and will hold the Roy & Fern Tobias scholarship.

Margaret will hold the William H. Wolfe scholarship.