Clate is looking forward to learning about world cultures, problems, and languages through an international studies degree; meeting new people from around the state, the country, and the world; and studying abroad. He chose IU specifically for its stellar foreign languages programs, and he is happy to continue his studies in Russian, German, French, and Spanish.  He will hopefully add Arabic and Chinese as well. He also harbors a passion for herpetology; as he travels the world, one of his top priorities will be scouting out various species of snakes. His motto is “work hard, play hard,” which is evident from his ability to both balance and succeed in excelling in multiple fields: sports, academics, and hobbies. In his free time, he enjoys the limitless adventures of his daydreams and watching Quentin Tarantino films, as well as writing and performing songs with his band. Clate is easily spotted by his penchant for wearing basketball shorts and a sweater with either mismatched socks or none at all. He would like to thank his grandparents for sparking his interests by showing him the world, his parents for supporting those interests, and the Madison community for shaping him. He is the first Wells Scholar from Madison Consolidated High School and will hold the Mid-Century Club scholarship.

Maddy will hold the Bernardo Mendel scholarship.