Charley joins the Program as the first ever Scholar from Harvard Westlake School. He was drawn to IU because it excels in all of his many areas of interest: music, culture, languages, media, public policy, and business. Though he plans to explore as many of these new fields and skills as possible, he will major in international studies and Russian. In fact, he’d like to travel to Moscow and have dinner with Chef Vladimir Mukhin at his new restaurant, White Rabbit. An avid foodie, Charley once dreamed of becoming a professional chef, and he still loves to bake desserts and pastries even though he is now more invested in a career in international relations and public policy. He hopes one day to travel to Ethiopia due to its fascinating and unique historical mix of cultures and culinary styles. Charley is a natural people person, whether he is revamping and expanding his school’s boxing club, raising awareness of the LA homelessness crisis by filming an independent documentary, or devising a personalized handshake with each of his closest friends. If you’re very lucky, you might even be treated to some of his trademark stand-up comedy! Charley will hold the Martha C. Kraft and Anne C. & Brian D. Wymore scholarships.