Singin’ Sorta Rican: The Life of a Twenty-Something in the City. The title musical theatre major Caroline would choose for her autobiography encompasses both her past and her future: she is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage and hopes one day to live and work in New York City. She dreams of one day meeting composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda and discussing their shared passions: musical theatre, heritage, and political activism. For now, she’s thrilled to start classes in IU’s theatre department, where she hopes the emphasis on individuality and creating a unique academic path will help her grow into a well-rounded and thoughtful performer. Her favorite place is the bittersweet emptiness of a theater after the close of a show. If time travel were possible, Caroline would go 100 years into the future in order to see the world in which her grandchildren will live. She is proud to have recently received a student leadership award from her high school, and she was honored to be recognized for her efforts to improve the community. Caroline, the second Scholar from Visitation Academy, would like to thank her college counselor Adele Hayes and her parents for supporting her through the crazy ride of college applications and auditions. She will hold the Esther Reese scholarship.