Andrew is a true Renaissance man who will pursue philosophy as a degree that encompasses some of his many interests. He is also interested in political science, which stems partially from his participation in Texas Boys State, an educational weeklong government immersion program for teenagers. Andrew can also play the musical saw and cook spaghetti aglio e olio, and he particularly enjoys spending time outside along the local Shoreline Trail. Andrew would be interested in sitting down to dinner with Mohammed Mossaddegh to discuss the delicate balance required of a political leader and to learn more about the rich history of Iran from someone so passionate about it. He would also find it interesting to have lived through July 14, 1789, to witness the storming of the Bastille and the beginnings of the French Revolution. One day, he hopes to become a professor. Eventually he will retire to run a coffee shop or live on the shore of a remote lake. Andrew would like to thank all of the adults who fostered his intellectual curiosity as a child, from his parents teaching him how to read to his 4th grade teacher Mr. Lane spending recess helping him design an electromagnetic glove. Along with Alex Lleras, Andrew is also one of the first two Scholars from Marcus High School and will hold the William Lowe Bryan #1 scholarship.