Amna, the first Wells Scholar from Elizabethtown High School, is excited to begin her degrees in international studies and public policy in the highly ranked School of Global and International Studies. She is looking forward to exploring the wealth of opportunities at IU and growing through educational experiences like the flagship language programs, as well as meeting as many of the thousands of students as she can. Amna is proud to have served as the Secretary General of the Kentucky United Nations Assembly for the last year, during which she traveled through the United States to learn about leadership, advocacy, and service and helped empower other teenagers through welcoming them to a political arena. She has been interested in government and policy work her whole life, though she has downgraded from her childhood career goal of “world ruler.” Amna would love to have dinner with Amal Clooney, human rights lawyer and advocate – though the cooking should be left to someone else, as she burns everything except roasted asparagus! She would like to thank her sister for never letting her settle and always helping to expand her horizons, and her parents for always encouraging and supporting her interests and academic endeavors. Amna will hold the Shoemaker/Mid-Century scholarship.