Alicia, the second Scholar from Columbus Academy, particularly enjoys writing, and admires authors such as Huey P. Newton (Revolutionary Suicide), Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet), and Toni Morrison (Beloved). She is also interested in helping people through activism and even founded a club, ACTION (Activating Consciousness to Improve Our Nation), to that effect. She will merge her interests in writing and activism by majoring in sociology and creative writing, with a pre-law focus. Alicia is interested in traveling to Latin America both to practice her Spanish and to study the unique social problems some of these countries currently face. She hopes to continue writing and traveling for her whole life, even after she retires. She also wishes she could travel back in time to the sixties, in order to observe the intense political and social changes, to be a part of the civil rights and black power movements, and to enjoy the excellent soul music. She loves to bake cookies and dance, though it may take some convincing to get her to perform in public. Alicia would like to thank her whole family, especially her immediate family, and most especially her father. She will hold the Heim-Hutton and Hutton Scholarship Fund scholarships.